Case 1

"I had a large overbite and my top teeth were rubbing against my gum which was causing me some pain. When I was wearing braces I had no pain or anything like that.

Every time I came into the practice I felt that everyone remembered who I was so it was actually something I looked forward to. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone!"

Case 2

"If my friends ask me if I should get braces I would say definitely yes, because the result of it is worth it."

Case 3

"Being able to smile without people looking at my teeth and turning their nose up was important for me. As soon as I had the braces on, things started to move around and started to look better which gave me much more confidence.

The practice is really modern and comfortable with all the latest high tech equipment and its always immaculately clean and the care has been fantastic.

I now have the confidence to go on stage and to sing and smile without worrying about my mouth, its brilliant!"

Case 4
Case 6
Case 7
Case 8