Metal braces

Metal braces consist of small metal brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth with a wire running between. They are extremely effective and are our most frequently used appliance for our teenage patients, although both clear and hidden options are available for teens too.

We use two metal brackets systems: Damon and Gemini.

Damon brackets are a low friction system using high technology wires held in place using a sliding gate. The Damon system gently expands the dental arches often avoiding extractions and creating fuller smiles.

Gemini brackets also move teeth using light forces and high tech wires. Gemini brackets align teeth beautifully and can be jazzed up with brightly coloured elastics to keep your braces 'trend-on'.

The average treatment time is usually around 15 - 22 months, but can sometimes be quicker.

For more information about our Damon and Gemini metal braces, please make an enquiry or call us on 0208 449 3022.

This page was last updated on the 22nd of May 2018